My research is influenced by my experiences and passions in life. In a technologically mediated world, I am driven to understand the ways in which technology impacts different bodies. As a humanities researcher in a field and industry dominated by white able-bodied cisgender men, I focus my research on those who are marginalized through gender, race, sexuality, or ability. Marginalized bodies often need to explain their presence in spaces. My goal as a researcher is to break the boundaries and assumptions that drive women and other marginalized identities to explain their ethos—their very right to being present—before speaking.

Recent Publications

Channeling Experience: Reflections on Developing a Technical Communication YouTube Channel

This experience report shares reflections and observations from launching a YouTube channel dedicated to broadcasting research in technical communication to a wide public audience.

Writing at the Intersection of Living in the Pandemic and Living with an Autoimmune Disease

This reflection chronicles how writing evolved as I navigated living and working as a high-risk individual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Content Warning: medical ableism

Recent Media Appearances

Theory Questing: Call of Duty and the Cold War with victoria braegger

After the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), I was interviewed by Saffista on Twitch about how the Cold War is depicted in video games, with special focus on Call of Duty.

Not Your Mama’s Gamer 246: Your Cozy Games Are Problematic

In this episode of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast, we discussed the cozy games aesthetic and its ties to problematic cultural representations of whiteness and femininity.